usy Bees

Early Intervention Centre

Abacas Kilbarrack Early Intervention Circle Time
About Us


Our early intervention classroom, aptly named “Busy Bees” runs from 9.10 until 1.50pm daily. We have a small class size of six children. The children range  in age from three to five years. Each child receives individualised tuition to improve on their social, communication and academic goals, as well as small group teaching sessions. Routine and structure are an imperative part of the day and visual schedules are used as an aid to assist the children’s understanding of the school day.

Abacas Kilbarrack Early Intervention Group Play
Abacas Kilbarrack Early Intervention Ball Pool

How We Learn


Programmes are derived from a variety of assessments carried out at the beginning of the school year. Each child will have their own individualised education program to assist their individual learning needs and educational goals.


Communication and Play skills come to the fore in Busy Bees. We use a variety of communication forms, namely TEACCH, PECS, and làmh. We have an eclectic approach to communication and engage the children in all forms across the school day.


Our Facilities

ABACAS has two outdoor play areas, two sensory rooms, and a ballpool and hammock room. The children are encouraged to visit these areas daily to help with both sensory regulation and OT needs.