Our school unfortunately had to close as part of our government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst these critical steps will hopefully slow down the infection rate, the disruption in routine for our students may be incredibly hard.  A change to their typical daily schedule could cause a skills regression or lead to increased anxiety or behavioural difficulties. To enable your child to cope with this significant challenge, you could try developing a modified version of their typical school routine that is adapted to your home environment. For example, you could start the day with calendar skills and news. This will develop communication skills. The morning is an optimal time to do desk work. Your child's class teacher will provide you with suitable work each week. Set up a clean area with few distractions as a work station.  Use schedules if possible. Work until snack and then follow with more desk work and lunch. Make sure to offer your child regular activity breaks and reinforcers. In the afternoon, you may find your child’s energy levels have diminished. It may be advisable to switch to less demanding activities like art, yoga, fine motor skills tasks or household chores. We will be providing resources to assist with this process over the coming weeks.

You may feel inclined to create full school day schedule for your child. Although many of our children prefer a structured routine, it would be an impossible task to recreate the same learning environment as they receive in school. This is an unprecedented period of worry and anxiety for everyone and it is essential that you take care of your own wellbeing as well as everyone in the family. If you find schoolwork is becoming a source of tension, it is ok to change the schedule or even take a break from it completely.  Our children can learn through a variety of ways; playing with Lego, sensory play, colouring, a nature walk to name but a few. Some days it may be preferable to just give tickles and watch their favourite movie. When they return to school, we will do our utmost to get them back on track academically but until then focusing on your child and family’s mental health is key.

Your child's teacher will be regularly sending individualised work to your child each week via email. Provided below are some resources  if you are looking for additional exercises in a particular area. The home teaching toolkit may also assist you in setting up a study environment in your house. We have also provided some useful online links.

Girl Drawing

This features resources that will assist you in educating your child at home during this period. It includes information packs, templates for schedules and token boards and social stories to help your child understand the Covid-19 emergency.


Playing with Wooden Alphabets

Some additional resources to assist your child with communication and language skills.


Shape Sorter

Some additional resources to assist your child with maths skills including shapes and numbers.


Learn to Read

Some additional resources to assist your child with fine motor skills like writing and cutting.



Some additional resources to assist your child with in the areas of personal and social awareness.


Kids in Technology Class

Some additional resources to assist your child with in the areas of social, environmental, and science education.


Children Meditating

Some additional resources to allow your child to stay active and healthy.


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